Midium Choice Box

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In Stock

What’s in the Box?

The contents of our combo vary to reflect market prices, ensuring you always get the best value for your money. Please note that the following list serves as an estimated guide and is subject to change without prior notice

2L Vegetable Oil (1)

1.5L Palm oil (1)

10kg rice (1)

3.5kg beans (1)

2kg semo (1)

3kg garri (1)

1 pack Knorr seasoning cubes (1)

210g Tinned tomatoes (2)

500g Salt (1)

N&C Curry Spice (1)

N&C Thyme Spice (1)

N&C Groundnut 75cl (2)

Half of Mini Pepper Box

2kg beef

1kg assorted

Whole Chicken (1)

N&C Bonga fish (1 pack) 5000


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