N&C White Garri

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  • Pristine White Texture
  • Unmistakable Flavor
  • Sourced from Edo’s Heartland


The authentic taste of tradition with our Edo White Garri. Sourced from the fertile lands of Edo State in Nigeria, this premium white garri is a staple in West African households, celebrated for its impeccable quality and versatile uses.

Key Features:

  • Pristine White Texture: Our Edo White Garri boasts a pristine white texture that reflects its purity and freshness. The carefully processed cassava granules create a visually appealing garri that sets the standard for quality.
  • Unmistakable Flavor: Immerse yourself in the unmistakable flavor of Edo White Garri. The distinct taste profile, characterized by a perfect balance of sourness and earthy notes, makes it a preferred choice for garri enthusiasts.
  • Versatile Culinary Companion: Edo White Garri is a versatile culinary companion, suitable for various preparations. Enjoy it as a satisfying swallow with soups, mix it with water for a refreshing drink, or explore creative recipes that showcase the diversity of this beloved West African ingredient.
  • Sourced from Edo’s Heartland: Our commitment to authenticity is evident in every pack of Edo White Garri. Sourced directly from Edo State’s heartland, known for its rich agricultural heritage, this garri captures the essence of the region’s culinary excellence.

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